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How To Get More ROI from Facebook Boosted Posts

Boosted Posts is a Facebook product that increases reach for specific Facebook Page updates. Facebook Boosted Posts are labeled “sponsored” and appear at the top of the Newsfeeds (web and mobile) of people you target. When people interact with your Boosted post, that interaction is seen by their friends. Facebook doesn’t sell engagement You can’t pay Facebook to increase engagement […]

16 New Rules for Facebook Marketing Success

For many pages, getting organic reach in Facebook’s Newsfeed is starting to become impossible. The ever-increasing frequency of competing posts from friends and pages they like, and native ads. Ultimately these changes are driven by the fact that Facebook is a public company, whose shareholders insist on a healthy earnings every quarter: The News Feed […]

New Facebook Call-To-Actions for Link Posts (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Facebook now allows you to add various CTAs to link posts using the Power Editor. CTAs include: “Sign Up”, “Book Now”, “Learn More”, “Shop Now” and “Download” (as shown below). These CTAs are obviously geared towards retailers and for-profits. But what about nonprofits? Call to actions work everywhere First of all, call-to-actions do increase click-throughs […]

John Haydon