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The bottom line at NWF

From the NWF album, “Birds of Prey” While editing the video of me hanging out with Danielle, I remembered what I forgot. I forgot that organizations like the National Wildlife Federation have another bottom line besides money. Incentives drive people to do amazing things You see, my background before starting Inbound Zombie was working for […]

Eight Steps to Prepare Your Facebook Page for Graph Search

Facebook’s new Graph Search is very different from Google search. With Graph Search, you can combine keyword searches with friends who’ve shared content on Facebook related to that search. For example, here’s a search of friends who like The Ellie Fund and live in Boston: Graph Search also allows people to discover your organization through various different […]

Why can’t I raise any money with social media?

Why does it seem that raising money with social media is almost impossible? We all know that retweets can travel faster than an earthquake and Facebook is basically word-of-mouth on steroids. But why do most social media fundraisers fall flat? The answer lies in understanding exactly how people use social media, and why these tools […]

How Pathfinder International Uses Social Media to Engage Donors

If you’re like most nonprofits, you learn best from your peers. Especially when it comes to the constantly evolving world of social media. Knowing this, I conducted a short Q&A with local smarty, Jaime-Alexis Fowler. Jaime-Alexis is the Assoc. Director of Public Relations and Online Communications at Pathfinder International, an org ensuring that people everywhere […]

Listening vs. Being Heard

Here’s a 29-year old deaf woman who heard herself for the first time. With her joyful tears, it’s as if she is saying “I’m no longer alone! Every struggle and set-back up to this day has new meaning! From this day on, I will win!” Listening versus Being Heard Listening to your people tells you […]

It’s not about Social Media

If you’re like most nonprofit marketers, you find social media platforms technically confusing. Especially sites like Facebook and WordPress. You also probably find them very boring. The reason why, of course, is that very few people actually have something interesting to say. How to be interesting There many sources of great tactics and best practices […]

Eleven Ways You Need To Change Your Facebook Content Marketing Strategy

Facebook changes the way your organization needs to think about content. Previously, a Facebook Page content strategy was primarily focused on two things: Custom Tabs – The the content strategy for custom tabs (landing tabs) focused on engaging visitors with a clear call to action in mind. For example, custom tabs to encourage users to […]

When to start making out with your Facebook fans

The advent of Facebook and Twitter have created an expectation within your constituents: They want an intimate relationship with your organization. But they won’t make out on the “first date” – the moment when they’re first introduced to your cause through a friend’s News Feed. Facebook Dating Cycle The relationships you have with fans are […]

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