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How To Get More ROI from Facebook Boosted Posts

Boosted Posts is a Facebook product that increases reach for specific Facebook Page updates. Facebook Boosted Posts are labeled “sponsored” and appear at the top of the Newsfeeds (web and mobile) of people you target. When people interact with your Boosted post, that interaction is seen by their friends. Facebook doesn’t sell engagement You can’t pay Facebook to increase engagement […]

Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Prioritizes Posts From People Over Posts from Pages

That’s right, Facebook updated their Newsfeed algorithm again. And this time, the update could hurt your Page reach and referral traffic. There are three updates to the Facebook Newsfeed algorithm: 1. Filling quiet news feeds with more content Previously, the Newsfeed wouldn’t distribute multiple posts in a row from the same source (people, people, groups). […]

How to Use Facebook Graph Search to Learn About Your Facebook Fans (VIDEO)

One of the most critical aspects of an effective content marketing strategy is understanding your audience. When you understand your audience – really get them – your content strategy becomes more relevant, and interesting to your community! Fortunately, Facebook has billions of bits of data about all the stuff we like. Whether it’s a page […]

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