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10 Tips for Turning Photos Into Powerful Stories

The Internet is slowly but surely becoming one big picture book. Instagram and Pinterest have grown at astronomic rates precisely because they allow people to easily create, curate and share pictures. And Facebook has placed more importance on pictures, with cover images, full screen viewing, and newsfeed preferences. So photos are huge. But simply posting photos is […]

Pinterest Analytics Explained – A Video Guide for Beginners

Pinterest Analytics Explained - A Video Guide

During this week’s Hump Day Coffee Break, a weekly mini-webinar I do for my e-mail subscribers (click here to learn more), we dove into Pinterest Analytics. After the slideshare deck was featured on slideshare’s homepage, I decided to publish the edited version for everyone here. Pinterest Analytics Explained – A Video Guide for Beginners Pinterest recently upgraded […]

10 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Pinterest

By now you’ve heard about Pinterest, the social site that allows people to share images and videos, follow boards and people, and re-pin stuff they find interesting. But have you optimized your website for Pinterest? Why should you care about Pinterest? First of all, why should you give an owl’s hoot about Pinterest? There are […]

Why can’t I raise any money with social media?

Why does it seem that raising money with social media is almost impossible? We all know that retweets can travel faster than an earthquake and Facebook is basically word-of-mouth on steroids. But why do most social media fundraisers fall flat? The answer lies in understanding exactly how people use social media, and why these tools […]

Does Your Story Matter?

Pinterest Boards and Facebook Page timelines have given you powerful new ways to tell stories through images. And while Pinterest is all about images, Facebook’s evolving news feed emphasizes visual stories over any other type of content. How Facebook is changing how you tell your story First of all, you can use cover images to create that first brand […]

What NOT to Pin on Pinterest

This is a guest post from my good friend Noland Hoshino, who catapults nonprofits and small businesses into the social good space. —————————————— Have you gone to a buffet in Las Vegas? What did you see first? The delicious food or the menu? What catches your attention in an art gallery? The magnificent art or […]

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