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10 Tips for Turning Photos Into Powerful Stories

The Internet is slowly but surely becoming one big picture book. Instagram and Pinterest have grown at astronomic rates precisely because they allow people to easily create, curate and share pictures. And Facebook has placed more importance on pictures, with cover images, full screen viewing, and newsfeed preferences. So photos are huge. But simply posting photos is […]

5 Ways Your Nonprofit Is Like a Hammerhead Shark

You’re probably wondering what hammerhead sharks have to do with digital marketing and fundraising. Well, I wondered the same thing. But my desire to write a blog post about sharks won over logic and reason. So… here are five ways your nonprofit is like a hammerhead shark: 1. You Both Possess Mutant-Like Eyeballs Hammerhead sharks can see almost 360 degrees. Nothing escapes their […]

My Social Media Predictions for 2013

I was recently asked by my friends over at Social Media Examiner for some 2013 predictions. Here’s what I sent them: Premium Version of Facebook Pages In 2013, we’ll see Facebook offering a premium version of Facebook Pages. This premium version will include advanced analytics that will give marketers greater insight around specific fan segments (top […]

Why can’t I raise any money with social media?

Why does it seem that raising money with social media is almost impossible? We all know that retweets can travel faster than an earthquake and Facebook is basically word-of-mouth on steroids. But why do most social media fundraisers fall flat? The answer lies in understanding exactly how people use social media, and why these tools […]

How Pathfinder International Uses Social Media to Engage Donors

If you’re like most nonprofits, you learn best from your peers. Especially when it comes to the constantly evolving world of social media. Knowing this, I conducted a short Q&A with local smarty, Jaime-Alexis Fowler. Jaime-Alexis is the Assoc. Director of Public Relations and Online Communications at Pathfinder International, an org ensuring that people everywhere […]

Your nonprofit’s massive marketing advantage

Don’t assume that brands and for-profits have an advantage online just because they have more money than you. Yes, they might be able to easily afford snappy little micro-sites, or multichannel viral video campaigns. But you have what they really want! You help people create meaningful lives You have people who sincerely love what you […]

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