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10 Tips for Turning Photos Into Powerful Stories

The Internet is slowly but surely becoming one big picture book. Instagram and Pinterest have grown at astronomic rates precisely because they allow people to easily create, curate and share pictures. And Facebook has placed more importance on pictures, with cover images, full screen viewing, and newsfeed preferences. So photos are huge. But simply posting photos is […]

Your Mission Statement is NOT Your Story

I recently spoke at an event about the potential of storytelling to drive social impact. One of the other event speakers was an executive at a large business software service provider. The speaker’s presentation was complemented by polished and expensive videos with messages of a hopeful future and a world of social justice that—at the […]

DIY Digital Storytelling Resources from TechSoup

To create and share inspiring stories online, nonprofits need both storytelling resources and inspiration. TechSoup‘s annual nonprofit digital storytelling contest, Storymakers, provides both. The Storymakers campaign helps nonprofits communicate better abundant resources on how to tell better stories, and get those stories noticed. In the past few years, we’ve seen the transformation from long to short-form […]

9 Words to Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out

In Content Marketing for Nonprofits, Kivi Leroux Miller mentions a language study by Jen Shang, a psychologist who studies philanthropic behavior uncovered nine agitators Americans use to define a good person: Kind Caring Compassionate Helpful Friendly Fair Hard-working Generous Honest As you can imagine, the process of going from awareness about an issue to taking […]

Major Gift Fundraising for Small Shops: 3 Vital Storytelling Tips

Marketers use stories to draw the attention of a wider audience and to generate interest in your organization. In fundraising, including major gift fundraising, stories motivate donors to provide financial support. Here are three tips for using stories to boost your organization’s bottom line through major gifts: 1. Facts are important, but emotions motivate. Any […]

Nonprofit Storytelling with Infographics

People support your organization for one reason: They view your organization as the agent of change they seek. If they had the resources, they’d make the changes they desire by themselves. But they don’t, and that’s why you’re in their lives. So when you tell the story of your cause, you need to show how supporters […]

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