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What makes me tick [VIDEO]

I recently hungout with Phil Gerbyshak and Berni Xiong who allowed me to be on The Shut Up Show. We discuss a number of topics, which often include a healthy dose of icky personal stuff. The stuff for nonprofits  – starts at 8:00. The “secret” to Facebook success  – starts at 9:30. The personal stuff – starts […]

The Failure Bow

We often hear that “failing early and failing often” is the way to grow as people and as organizations. We nod in agreement when we hear stories about people like Steve Jobs and Sir James Dyson, but shutter when it’s our turn to taste this bad medicine.

How to use YouTube to enhance fundraising for your nonprofit (video)

In this Razoo interview, Allyson Kapin from RAD Campaign talks about the benefits of creating a video to enhance your online fundraising. YouTube has a program called the “YouTube Non-profit Program” that allows nonprofit marketers to add enhanced features to their channel, including call-to-action links within videos. If used effectively, these CTAs can enhance your […]

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