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How To Avoid The Social Media Time Suck

Even incremental time management improvements with your social media efforts can add up to huge gains in long-term productivity – without the wasted time. Here are a few ways to manage your time with social media: 1. Make a list – and check it twice Simply having a written list of the social media sites I […]

How Aaron Bramley swings the web

Following is a guest post by Aaron Bramley, a well-known advocate of digital media for non-profits.  Aaron works as a Director of Digital Media for Ridgewood Associates Public Relations, Inc. and is a Co-founder of Lights. Camera. Help., the Nonprofit Film Festival. ________________ How to I rock the web? I don’t rock the web, I […]

Why Merriam-Webster Should Make “Social Media” A Verb (or Advanced Facebooking For Stunt Doubles)

A prospective client and I were on the phone last night talking about the crappy results they’ve gotten from social media. Mary: “We put up a Facebook page and nothing is happening.” Me: “When people become fans of your page, do you post a sincere thanks on their wall?” Mary: “Uh… you can do that?” Mary: […]

How To Do Social Media When You’re Going Through An Emotional Shit Storm

When I do social media coaching for my clients, we often talk about authenticity and how this builds trust. The two-way web (Web 2.0) has created an economic environment where trust is a the new currency. Trust is the “social lubricant” of our transactions. The history of marketing in less than 87 words 250 years ago, we knew everything about the […]

How To Link Your Twitter Page and Facebook Profile For Social Media Sanity

Managing many social media sites can be a bit challenging for the non-profit who has little time and/or resources. Many social media sites, including Facebook, recognize this fact. They also know that social media is increasingly being used for fundraising. To make managing multiple sites easier, Facebook allows you to post your social media activities on Twitter by […]

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