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19 Ways to Raise More Money From Donation Pages

What makes a kick-ass donation page? Is it the words? Images? Where buttons and fields are located? The short answer is yes. Together, these elements must convey enough emotional punch and urgency to inspire people to donate. Your donation pages reflect your brand Your community is totally unique, so slapping the latest best practice on […]

Your Website is a Fishing Net

Your website is a fishing net. Your newsletter sign-up forms, petitions, event registration forms, etc, all capture people interested in your cause. The fish are your community, who merrily swim about the web. They travel in large schools from Instagram, Facebook and Google to visit your website to get more “fish food”. The “fish food” is your […]

Should You Fire Your Designer and Just Use Canva?

Graphic designers get paid for their design expertise. The best ones understand how design influences emotions and motivates action. But you don’t need a graphic designer to resize a photo for a Facebook post. You don’t need a graphic designer to create inspirational quotes for Instagram. You can use Canva. Canvas solves three problems for content […]

11 Surprising Donation Form Optimization Stats [INFOGRAPHIC]

Donation form optimization is a key part of online fundraising success and a great way to boost donor acquisition. But sadly, so many nonprofits are doing it all wrong. A recent research report covering a variety of online fundraising topics done by Brad Davies and others at Dunham+Company reveals some surprising results that you, a fellow online fundraising enthusiast, should be aware […]

12 Critical Steps to Making Your Website More Pinnable

Did you know that Pinterest is the now second largest social referrer for online publishers? Yup, here are just a few eye-opening stats about how huge Pinterest is: 12 % of U.S. Internet users have a Pinterest account. [tweet this] 80% of Pinterest users are women! [tweet this] Pinterest accounts for 20% of all social referrals. [tweet this] Every day […]

What Goes On Inside The Head Of Your Website Visitors?

  The 2013 MILLENNIAL IMPACT REPORT includes 20 usability tests of the online presences of nine nonprofits. These tests include screen-captures of millennials visiting websites, Facebook Pages, Twitter feeds, viewing email messages, and more. Millennials’ biggest pet peeves are websites that are not mobile-friendly and outdated information. You can view all of the usability tests […]

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