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12 Critical Steps to Making Your Website More Pinnable

Did you know that Pinterest is the now second largest social referrer for online publishers? Yup, here are just a few eye-opening stats about how huge Pinterest is: 12 % of U.S. Internet users have a Pinterest account. [tweet this] 80% of Pinterest users are women! [tweet this] Pinterest accounts for 20% of all social referrals. [tweet this] Every day […]

10 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Pinterest

By now you’ve heard about Pinterest, the social site that allows people to share images and videos, follow boards and people, and re-pin stuff they find interesting. But have you optimized your website for Pinterest? Why should you care about Pinterest? First of all, why should you give an owl’s hoot about Pinterest? There are […]

How to get the most from Facebook “like” buttons on our nonprofit website

Unless you’ve been living under a rock without a Facebook profile, you’re aware that more and more websites are getting more traffic with Facebook’s “like” button. Facebook has been measuring the impact of these plugins for almost a year now. Here’s what they’ve found: More traffic. The average site received a 300% increase in referral […]

Four-point social media website check

Your constituents want to connect with you. They also want to connect with each other. You can help them in two ways: Let them connect with you on their terms – Let them self-identify by giving them all choices. Take away as many barriers as possible – Don’t make them search for your org on […]

Why you should delete the mission statement on your website

You probably spent months coming up with your organization’s mission statement. Meeting after meeting, locked in a room with the ED and board members. You collaborated, reached consensus, conducted dialogue about your org’s mission statement. But you hate it. Sure, there are great phrases in it, like “empowering unique individuals to achieve their full potential” (not), […]

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