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Three Simple Ways to Dramatically Increase Website Traffic From Facebook

Although Facebook has decreased newsfeed exposure (reach) for Facebook Pages, they have increased newsfeed exposure for links people share with their Facebook friends. Right now, take a look at your own News Feed and look at the number of links from friends versus links from Pages. My News Feed has 1 link (or less) from a Page for every 10 links from friends. […]

12 Critical Steps to Making Your Website More Pinnable

Did you know that Pinterest is the now second largest social referrer for online publishers? Yup, here are just a few eye-opening stats about how huge Pinterest is: 12 % of U.S. Internet users have a Pinterest account. [tweet this] 80% of Pinterest users are women! [tweet this] Pinterest accounts for 20% of all social referrals. [tweet this] Every day […]

Four Reasons Why Blog Post Titles Matter

You’re reading this because on some level you’re interested in writing better blog post tiles. Or maybe you’re interested in how titles impact your readers, and how titles impact SEO. No matter how you got here, you arrived because “Five Reasons Blog Post Titles Matter” made you click. Obvious, right? But why? Four reasons why titles […]

Five Powerful Ways To Improve Your Website’s SEO

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website, including email marketing, social media and traditional PR. While these approaches are useful and effective, they all share one critical weakness: You’re reaching people who weren’t looking for you. Why SEO is an Absolute Must for Your Nonprofit Optimizing your website for search allows you to […]

How To Find Hidden Blog Posts In Your Emails

So you’ve finally decided to start blogging for your nonprofit. But you’ve got one small problem: Who’s going to write all of these blog posts? You’re not alone. Most nonprofits ask this when starting a blog. The good news is that, hidden within the thousands of emails you’ve sent over the past few years, exists fodder […]

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