Three Killer Nonprofit WordPress Sites To Learn From

Last week I asked folks on Quora for examples of exceptional nonprofit WordPress websites. Niall Kennedy was kind enough to reply with a few examples that we can all learn from.

If you’re not familiar with WordPress, it’s one of the most popular (free) CMS platforms. At Inbound Zombie, we only use WordPress because our clients are small and medium-sized nonprofits who need a website that’s flexible and easy to maintain.

Below are three examples of nonprofits who have implemented WordPress in various different configurations.

1. Cure International


Cure International has a beautifully designed site centered around a core strategy of using compelling stories to engage visitors and increase donations. As you can see, they’re using an interactive slider with images and video to tell these stories.

They’ve also implemented Facebook social plugins so that users can easily log into their Cure account.

2. TED Conferences


The TED Blog is implemented as a straight-forward blog format, which makes sense: Ideas are the centerpiece of their organization. Readers can easily share these stories with AddThis (which also allows TED to analyze how their content is shared).

Also, at the top of the site users can access links to other TED websites.

3. Watermelon Ministries


Another beautiful WordPress site putting stories at the center.

You’ll notice that this site as an online store, which they created using Shopp, an eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Users can add items to a cart, view and edit their cart, and complete their purchase – all without leaving the Watermelon Ministries website.

What WordPress websites do you like?

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John Haydon