4 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Fundraising Events

You’ve spent weeks brainstorming, organizing, and planning your amazing fundraiser. Everything is perfect and you can’t wait for people to show up to contribute to your organization’s cause.

But when the time comes, your turnout is lower than expected. You barely raise enough money to cover the costs of the event, and you leave disappointed. What could you have done to make your event better?

You could have used social media to help you promote your fundraising events for higher attendance rate and more money for your organization.

Here are four effective ways to use social media to give your fundraising events the boost they need:

1. Let your Facebook fans know about your event

Most of your donors probably use Facebook. If you have a large following, use it to your advantage.
There are a few ways to use Facebook to get the word out about your event:

  • Create posts about your event that link out to a page on your website that has more information.
  • Post pictures and videos to attract followers’ attention. Sometimes, posts get lost amongst honeymoon pictures and the latest celebrity gossip. Help your fundraising event stand out by tweaking the way you present it on Facebook.
  • Create a Facebook event and invite your followers to join. When you make a Facebook event, you can plug in the time, date, and location of your event as well as other important information. Creating a Facebook event also allows you to see how many of your followers plan on attending your fundraiser.

Pro Tip: Use Facebook ads to spread the word.

2. Create a hashtag for your fundraising event

If your nonprofit has a large Twitter following, consider using a hashtag for tweets related to your fundraiser. Hashtags will help your followers to find relevant information about your fundraiser and easily interact with your nonprofit.

Plus, if enough of your followers use the hashtag, it could end up trending nationally or even globally! Trending hashtags are seen by all Twitter users and have the potential to give your fundraising event even more attention.

3. Tell your story with video

The great thing about Facebook and Instagram videos is that they’re extremely shareable. You can post a video on Facebook and then share the link on Twitter, embed the video in a Tumblr post.

But keep your videos short. Few people want to sit through a video that lasts longer than 60 seconds. By keeping your message to the point, you’ll be able to capture followers’ attention and give them more information about your event.

Additionally, videos have a certain human quality to them. Seeing a person telling their impact story is more powerful than reading about their story.

4. Promote matching gifts across your social media sites

If you host a walk-a-thon or other type of fundraiser that requires sponsorship or contributions, some of your participants may be able to double their donation or the money they raise by checking out their employer’s corporate giving programs to see if their company offers a volunteer grant, matching gift donation, or fundraising grant program.

If a participant’s employer offers such programs, your fundraiser has the potential to be doubly successful!

You can inform donors about matching gifts, volunteer grants, and fundraising grants through your nonprofit’s social media accounts.

Final thoughts

Whether it’s a talent show, a bake sale, or other fundraising event ideas, there are countless opportunities to promote events using social media.

By utilizing all of the social media resources at your disposal, you’ll be able to make your next fundraising event a success!

John Haydon