Your Website is a Fishing Net

Your website is a fishing net. Your newsletter sign-up forms, petitions, event registration forms, etc, all capture people interested in your cause.

The fish are your community, who merrily swim about the web. They travel in large schools from Instagram, Facebook and Google to visit your website to get more “fish food”.

The “fish food” is your content, which is determined by your goals. To engage your community, you start and join conversations (feeding fish on their turf). To drive website visits, you give them a mission (learn more, give, volunteer).

Why does email matter?

When people visit your website, your nonprofit is foremost on their mind. Most show up, consume a bit of content, and merrily swim away.

If you don’t have their email, you have no way of keeping in touch.

But if you have their email, you can connect with them again. You can cultivate the relationship with top-shelf fish food – your tasty and nutritious  content.

You have a fighting chance to earn their trust and support. Which you won’t ever have without their email.

What do you think?


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John Haydon