What Will Your Nonprofit Do When Millennials Take Over?

Most of what you’ve heard about Millennials is pretty negative. They’re lazy, entitled, and expect happy face stickers just for showing up to work. But this is not true.

In their newest book, When Millennials Take Over, Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter outline how organizations can be better prepared for a changing workforce that will be lead by Millennials.

Specifically, they focus on four areas: Digital, Clear, Fluid, and Fast.

  • DIGITAL – Organizations that embrace new technology, and understand how millennials use digital tools will thrive. But this is not about focusing on technology. It’s about focusing on the user experience. It’s about understanding the digital culture that millennials now embrace.
  • CLEAR – Organizations that share information (both internally and externally) make smarter decisions, and get better results. Millennials expect transparency and collaborative sharing from organizations.
  • FLUID – Fluid organizations are nimble because their systems that integrate thinking, acting, and learning at all levels of the organization. They may still have hierarchies, but they are created and maintained in a different way.
  • FAST – Fast is about taking action at the precise moment when action is needed. For example, beta testing is no longer limited to software development. Getting things done is better than perfection.


Buy When Millennials Take Over at Amazon or download a free chapter here.

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John Haydon