Four Reasons Why Blog Post Titles Matter

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You’re reading this because on some level you’re interested in writing better blog post tiles. Or maybe you’re interested in how titles impact your readers, and how titles impact SEO.

No matter how you got here, you arrived because “Five Reasons Blog Post Titles Matter” made you click. Obvious, right?

But why?

Four reasons why titles are everything

Below are a four ways titles matter. Share your tips in the comments section. 🙂

1. It’s All People See

Take a look at the stream of content – particularly links – on your News Feed on Facebook. Aside from the fact that your friends are recommending this content, titles are the only way you’ll decide what to read or ship. “To click or not to click”, as Shakespeare said.

2. Sharing Happens Without Reading

Your friends share a fair amount of content without reading it. They do this because the content they’re sharing was recommended to them by their friends who they know and trust. Or maybe they’re too busy and so the title is all they’ll read before they retweet or like.

3. Titles Are King In Search

You don’t have to be an expert in search engine optimization to know that most search engines use titles to index content. There are many other factors, but the title of the blog post is one of the largest factors in the overall equation.

4. Twitter Killed Your Poem

Forget about coming up with clever titles. Instead, think relevance and attention. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be creative, it just means that you have to pay attention to how relevant and interesting your title is to your intended audience.

And by the way, focusing on your audience should never be in conflict with SEO.

Share your tip for title writing below

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John Haydon