Why you should buy Cause Marketing for Dummies

Joe Waters has a new book out called Cause Marketing for Dummies, which he wrote with Joanna MacDonald.

The book is 316 pages of lessons, advice, inspiration and examples that will help you create effective cause marketing programs.

What’s inside Cause Marketing for Dummies

To bring small companies and nonprofits together for win-win partnerships, Joe and Joanne focus on three key themes in the book:

  1. Traditional cause marketing. Coin canisters, pinups, percentage of sales, shopping days, etc. These are the tactics that will develop, build and sustain your cause marketing program. They cover them in detail and give you lots of examples of how we grew our program with them and developed best practices for nonprofits and businesses.
  2. Cause marketing 2.0. In addition to traditional tactics, they investigated and experimented with all sorts of new digital programs that causes and companies could use. Facebook likes, Twitter hashtags, group-buying sites, Quora and online contests are just some of the tactics Joe and Joanne used.
  3. The future of cause marketing. The future of cause marketing is inextricably bound to an emerging technology: mobile. Smartphones and mobile technology promise to change cause marketing forever. Location-based services like Foursqure, QR codes and even text messaging will lead the way in nonprofit and company partnerships. The book brings you up to speed and prepares you for the upcoming mobile revolution in cause marketing.

Get your copy of Cause Marketing for Dummies PLUS free stuff

  • Visit their book page. There you can learn all about how you can get access to (1) two cause marketing recordings with Joe direct from the leading organization for cause marketers, Cause Marketing Forum, (2) a great tips sheet on copy writing for cause marketing and (3) a special invitation to an October webinar with Joanna and Joe: 10 More Cause Marketing Tricks, Tools & Tactics. You get all these for FREE when you send your receipt to book@selfishgiving.com.
  • Visit Amazon and review the book. The first 20 reviewers will get a coupon code for $83 off (83 to commemorate the year of the first cause marketing promotion between American Express and the nonprofit restoring the Statue of Liberty!) You’ll save more than 50 percent off the $149 price tag for the next session of Six Figure Cause Marketing. Just send an email to book@selfishgiving.com after you post your review on Amazon and we’ll send you the code!

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John Haydon