Why you should use SocialTriggers to improve your website’s conversion rates (video)

Derek Halpern, a conversion expert at SocialTriggers recently developed an amazing list of recommendations to increase conversions at InboundZombie.com, which I recorded so that you can benefit from his expertise as well. 🙂

Now, I did this review with Derek about a month ago, and have implemented about half of his recommendations. Two immediate results:

  • The number of new leads for business has doubled.
  • Visitors are staying on my site longer.

Here’s exactly what Derek covers in the video (which is at the bottom of this post).

  1. Answer this question for visitors: Is Inbound Zombie right for me?
  2. Use testimonials to build trust and leverage social proof on homepage.
  3. Deepen trust by adding pictures to people listed on website.
  4. Add personal stories to staff where appropriate.
  5. Use case studies to build trust.
  6. Provide a PDF download staff can download and pass around to other stakeholders.
  7. Try not to be clever with copy. Specific and simple sells.
  8. Personal stories sell more than statistics.
  9. Helping one person is doable, helping 10 million is a waste of time.
  10. Increase conversion by breaking down long forms into multiple steps.
  11. Increase conversions by shortening width of copy – especially at the begging.
  12. Increase conversions by getting people to read the first few sentences of your copy.
  13. Increase conversions by reassuring people as they are completing a donation form.

Seriously smart guy! Subscribe to Derek’s blog at Social Triggers.

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John Haydon