Five Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Freak Out About Facebook Timelines for Brands (Which are Coming Soon)

A few weeks ago I wrote about why you should stop obsessing about when Facebook Pages get the new Timeline layout.

Well if you’re still obsessing, you can stop now because Facebook is launching it in two weeks.

What’s that? Now you’re freaking out? Oh… Well you don’t have to do that either and here are five reasons why:

  1. Page Timelines will only be launched to a handful of brands at a marketing conference in New York on February 29th.
  2. Most of your Facebook fans and their friends rarely visit your Facebook Page anyhow.
  3. Page Timelines will most likely be opt-in as they are with Profiles. Facebook will listen to pushback from brands way more than they have listened to users, and they’ve actually listened relatively well.
  4. Page Timelines will be very similar to Profile Timelines so at least you won’t be totally in the dark about how you might use them.
  5. I’m watching your back. Remember, I do this stuff 24/7 so you can count on me to be blogging about any new tricks, tips and tactics (hint: subscribe).

This is all very good news

Timelines will be a very good thing for organizations, especially because they’ll have covers which will help you tell your story in more powerful ways (I mention five ways here). This does mean that sites like Fotolia and tools like Photoshop Elements and Pixlr will be your new best friend.

You can start getting ideas from these mocks-ups over at Mashable (one is shown above).

Are you excited about Brand Timelines?

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John Haydon