How Many Year-End Fundraising Emails Should You Send?

Let’s face it, fundraising is not easy. Especially during December when many other nonprofits are also asking for money, from your donors!

According to M&R’s recent report, nonprofits sent 7 fundraising emails per subscriber in December of 2013. The same number of fundraising emails was also sent in December of 2012. So the answer is seven, right?

No so fast.

Successful year-end email fundraising is not all about quantity. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most QUALITY from your year-end fundraising emails:

1. Send targeted messages to specific segments

Contacts in your database are human beings, who tend to be squishy. They each have different levels of interest in your cause. For example, someone who recently signed petition will be more open to a fundraising appeal than say, a Facebook fan.

Your email messages should speak to these different audiences. A new volunteer will respond to appeals differently than a repeat donor.

2. Don’t bury fundraising messages in your newsletter

Including a donate now button in your email newsletter is not the same as sending a fundraising email.

Newsletters typically have gobs of information. Should donors read your latest blog post? Should they follow you on Twitter? Or should they make a donation? Burying your fundraising message in your newsletter will dilute your ask.

Instead, send targeted fundraising emails (see #1) soon after they open your email newsletter.

3. Ask three times between 12/27 – 12/31

Ask at least twice between Dec. 27 and Dec. 30 (according to Salsa), and at least once on New Year’s Eve. This is crunch time for you, but also for your donors, as they clink glasses to do more good in 2015.

Chances are you’re not sending enough emails

Justin from Care2 writes“you’re missing out on a lot of potential revenue each year if you’re only sending out four quarterly appeals.” In fact, one of their most successful clients sends about 48 fundraising emails each year.

What do you think?

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John Haydon