Your fancy landing page won’t do shit

No matter how amazing your website looks, it won’t produce results unless you have a solid content strategy.

A content strategy is nothing more than a plan for how you’ll create a conversation around your cause. It should answer questions like:

Action happens when your cause is personalized

The last one is critical. Studies have shown again and again that an advocacy or fundraising appeal that makes people feel emotionally connected to a cause will get more results than appeals that don’t.

Feeding 200,000 hungry children in Haiti feels overwhelmingly impossible. But feeding the one child who is looking me straight in the eye will get me off my ass.

Your fancy landing page won’t do shit

Don’t spend thousands on your website design until you have a great story to tell. No one on the planet will support your cause because of your rotating sliders and fancy opt-in forms.

But they will if you can get them to feel something.

What do you think?


John Haydon