Your nonprofit’s massive marketing advantage

Don’t assume that brands and for-profits have an advantage online just because they have more money than you. Yes, they might be able to easily afford snappy little micro-sites, or multichannel viral video campaigns.

But you have what they really want!

You help people create meaningful lives

You have people who sincerely love what you do – precisely because it’s personal for them. You give people opportunities to create meaning in their lives. Even Apple can’t give that to their customers on a consistent basis.

How to understand what motivates your constituants

A few weeks ago I was chatting with Kevin Metzger, a board member of Let’s Cure CP. We were trying to figure out what his organization’s core messaging might be. We talked about research, we talked about legislative initiatives, we talked about statistics.

Then, Kevin told me about his daughter who has CP. And that’s when the lights went on!

For me – and probably for a lot of parents – research and legislative initiatives were not as compelling as the story of a father fighting for the health and happiness of his daughter. It’s not a story of reason, it’s a story of emotion.

Social media can help you discover the secret sauce

All too often we think of social media as a bunch of viral tools to get a message out. But what we’re missing is that these same platforms give us the ability to understand what truly motivates people to support our organizations.

Do you know what truly motivates your supporters?

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John Haydon